Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Assorted Stuff

Not a whole lot today...been trying to decide on a game to review but can't seem to accomplish that.  I'm always up for requests though.
What I have decided to post today is a few pictures with a couple little stories/notes to go with them.

As one could guess from the image, my excitement for Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver is mounting.  Pre-ordered copies come with a figurine of that version's mascot, which instantly sold me on Soul Silver; and, thankfully, the 'certain classmate' mentioned in yesterday's entry agreed that he would be getting Heart Gold.
Special thanks to "Anonymous" for the backdrop to the drawing.  It wasn't entirely necessary but I just didn't want to post it up as just the three doodles.

These are the figurines I mentioned.  Ho-Oh (left) comes with Heart Gold when pre-ordered and Lugia (right) comes with Soul Silver.
Now, just a quick look at some recent sketches.  I have to note that I have yet to test if my old scanner works with my new laptop (it's given me issues before) so I took these with the built-in webcam...a webcam which seems to be worse and worse at picking up light every time I use it.  So these images are considerably dark, even moreso than the Dr. Facilier sketch I posted which I snapped the same way.

Zazu and Scar of The Lion King (click to enlarge).  It occurred to me recently that even though Scar was my favourite Disney villain for a long time, I never drew him prior to drawing Dr. Facilier.  So, I took a trip to Google Images, found a pose I liked and replicated it.  At the time, I was itching to draw some more, so a search for simply 'lion king' turned up an image of Zazu in the pose I drew him in.
Looking at these has reminded me of a quick bit of advice for aspiring artists.  Sooner or later, you'll likely come to discover someone who is seemingly infinitely better than you while possibly even being the same age.  I beg you not to feel discouraged when you come across this.  Instead, ask that person if they're willing to share with you the earliest of their drawings they still have.  If they agree, you're likely to get a pleasant surprise when you see how far they've come.  No one is born with artistic skill.  The type of skill these people have are well within reach of anyone who's willing to work for it.

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