Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hooray Disney Sketches

So, still with no copy of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, I'm left to post about something else.
I finally got around to checking if my old scanner would work with my new laptop (as the scanner has given me issues before) and I've found that it does.  Thus, I have sketches to show off.  First, the page of Zazu and Scar, sketches which I already posted but were in the form of terrible quality webcam photos.


Next up, Simba (a more recent sketch).
And finally a still-very-rough sketch of Kida from Atlantis.  The scanner, using a bright light as all scanners do, washed out the blue lines to a point that you'll likely have to enlarge this sketch to see it properly.  The blue lines are there but are far lighter than they should be.
Note that you can click on any of these images if you wish to see their full size.
And that's all for today.

UPDATE:  The Kida sketch is now finished.


  1. 1st picture of Kida sketch look better :)

  2. I loved all drawings! Specially the Simba :D
    It's sooo cute *-*