Monday, February 8, 2010

The Next Few Months Are Gonna Be Good

So, I've been thinking over the last few weeks about just how many significant games and movies had been released throughout the last year and how that still hasn't seemed to stop.
Certain things to be released in the coming months have piqued my interest greatly.  Later this month, we'll be seeing the releases of Red Steel 2 (OK, the first one wasn't very good at all, but the news and videos I've seen on the sequel are making it out to be quite awesome) and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (I love mystery games...I do wish they would've kept the name as Perfect Prosecutor: Miles Edgeworth though).  And next month comes the release of Pokemon: Heart Gold & Soul Silver; remakes of what were, in my opinion, the best Pokemon games.  I'm still undecided which of the two to get...may depend on what one a certain classmate gets.  Also in March, we're getting Mega Man 10 which is yet another big deal for me.
A bit later, June specifically, Transformers: War for Cybertron is set to be released.  A quality Transformers title is something I long to play, although I did enjoy the only slightly sub-par DS games for the 2007 and 2009 movies (never played the Animated one, though I would like to).
Finally, speaking of awesome things in June, the return of Futurama.  Anyone I know personally knows that I love this show to no end.  The direct-to-DVD movies are among the few movies of such nature to have actually garnered a decent amount of profit and the end result is that the television series will be returning in June.  Most fans are probably already aware of this, and that there was a since-resolved dispute between FOX and the original voice actors over their wages.  The original cast will be returning, which is just plain great news.
There are other titles, mostly games, that are coming soon as well that seem to have a lot of people excited...personally, they're not at the forefront of my mind but I'm keeping an eye on them nonetheless.  This post has simply been what is exciting me personally.
Well, thanks for reading.

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