Monday, April 5, 2010

So Many Legendaries

Tomorrow's post will likely be a review of Pokémon Soul Silver.  I just now defeated Red, so I've effectively gone through all of the 'challenges' of the game.  There's still plenty more to do though.
As it turns out, Heart Gold and Soul Silver have apparently been used to eliminate the need for third generation games in order to complete the Pokédex.  Every legendary that's not 4th generation is available to catch between the two remakes (except for the Legendary Golems of Hoenn).  1st and 3rd generation starters are also available at the very end of the game, i.e. after defeating Red, the point I just reached.
So, yeah, there's a lot of legendaries and plenty of choices to make.  Among Pokémon that used to be strictly exclusive to a specific game or at least a specific generation, as legendaries and starters always were until now, (between 3rd and 4th anyway, since they can't communicate with 1st and 2nd; hence the need for the remakes) which can be found in Heart Gold and/or Soul Silver are:
Treecko (and it's evolutions)
Torchic (and it's evolutions)
Mudkip (and it's evolutions)
Bulbasaur (and it's evolutions)
Charmander (and it's evolutions)
Squirtle (and it's evolutions)

Currently I'm deciding which of the third generation starters to grab.  After that, I'm going after Groudon.
Anyway, expect a review tomorrow, thanks for reading.

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