Thursday, May 20, 2010


My greatest post title to date.  Incidentally, this post is untitled because it's not focused on anything specific, just some more ramblings.  I've been drawing some more lately and I've worked out a weekly thing with a friend who is also a certain type of art student where we'll be going somewhere public to draw people once a week.  I'm hoping this idea will prove good practice and I have confidence it will.
On the subject of art, my project/first graphic job sort of fizzled out a bit.  The client decided to enroll in the same animation program I'm taking and wanted to take over the job for practice.  I only put about 9 of the 20 total hours it would've taken but nonetheless I'm still getting paid so I'm somewhat happy. A little disappointing but also kind of cool to meet a potential animator before they're in the program.  Also cool that there's a lot more truth to calling myself a graphic artist since that was my first time doing graphics for a professional purpose.

Currently, I have nearly completed re-watching Futurama with commentaries in preparation for the show's return next month.  I am about halfway through Into the Wild Green Yonder as I type this.

The only other thing I can think of to discuss for the time being is that Super Mario Galaxy 2's release date seemed to jump right up on me.  The game is to come out in 3 days.  Seems like the last time I even thought about it, it was still a couple months away.

In conclusion, to any readers interested, I would be happy to take commissions for artwork.  I'm always up to create art for someone, I want to draw as much as I can and I could, of course, use the work.  I'd also like to make it clear that I would keep the pricing reasonable...unlike the rates I've seen some artists post for commissions.
EDIT:  Oh yeah, contact information!  Anyone interested in commissioning me for artwork can contact me at  It would be ideal if you happen to be in the Chatham-Kent, Ontario area, but even if not we could probably manage something.

UPDATE:  I just remembered something else to mention.  FUNimation has begun releasing their DVDs and Blu-Rays of Dragon Ball Kai, retitled Dragon Ball Z Kai for the dub.  Season One Part One is now available and the show is supposed to premier on Nicktoons on the 24th; the version shown on Nicktoons will be edited to suit the expected viewing audience, the home video releases will be uncut and unedited.  So, it's much the same as Dragon Ball's previous runs on TV as opposed to the more recent DVD releases.

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