Sunday, June 27, 2010

Transformers: Robots...On the Go!

So yeah, after becoming a bit disillusioned with the 360 version of War for Cybertron for a few reasons, I opted to pick up one of the DS games instead which I had been reading good things about.  I still may grab the 360 version as well I'm just disappointed having found out that the campaigns are apparently 4 hours for each faction and learning of the complete lack of offline multiplayer.  If a game has co-op play, there's no good reason to not make it available offline.
As for the DS (Autobots) version, I'm enjoying it.  The game plays very similarly to the 2007 movie DS games which isn't a bad thing.  Out of all the games to come out for the first live action movies, the DS titles were often considered the best; and were also considered to be 'decent' games which kind of showed how poorly the other versions of the games were doing in reviews.
In War for Cybertron on the DS, you play through each stage with two bots that you can switch between at will.  If both end up dead simultaneously, or if you fall into a pit, you fail the mission.  Characters are divided into 'Heavy' and 'Light' categories, both of which are useful for different things.  For instance:  Optimus can boost through certain walls in vehicle mode while Bumblebee can travel through narrow tunnels.
Incidentally I've yet to make use of the aforementioned Heavy ability because 'L' is the button for boost, and of the 3 DS's available for me to use not a single one has a properly functioning L button.  Thankfully, the brittle (or should I say 'Britt-L'?  Haha..bad puns) shoulder button hasn't been a necessity so far.  I'm sure being able to lock on to my opponents would make the game a lot easier though.
On that note, the game has proved to be challenging (again, much thanks due to the lack of lock-on) so I can't say for sure how long it will be until I can put up a full review.
Later for now.

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