Friday, July 16, 2010

Back on Track With the Old Friend

So, to touch on a subject from a few posts ago and keep it updated:  2 more episodes of Futurama have premiered since I last spoke of it.
The fourth episode of the new season, Proposition Infinity, was a fairly well-rounded one.  It's the first of the new season to feel pretty in-line with the older episodes.  I attribute this to the fact that there's enough plot to actually fill the episode (I'm looking at you, In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela) and the plot has a clear focus (unlike Attack of the Killer App).  Incidentally, the episode begins with a scene of Kif and Amy together so it appears I was wrong in my prediction that the Kif subplot of the second movie might actually be worth something.  Back to the episode itself though, there wasn't really anything wrong with it.  I suppose they retread 'Robots Dating Humans' for a second time, but they took a different approach.  Again, we had some pretty flat humour but not to the same degree as in the second episode so it didn't detract too much.  An average episode.
Onto the fifth episode which premiered just last night:  The Duh-Vinci Code.  As you can probably guess from the title, this episode is full of references to The DaVinci Code.  References or not, it was actually a pretty strong episode.  It starts out with some really amusing one-liners, which may just be a tad too rapid but enjoyable nonetheless.  The episode then slows down for a little while, but at about the halfway point, it picks back up and becomes a pretty entertaining watch.

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