Thursday, July 8, 2010

Personal Project Full Circle

So, in writing out that rant on Final Fantasy a while back, I re-revisited my approach to the 'personal project' I've been briefly talking about as of late.  At the moment, I don't recall whether or not I've mentioned that I originally conceived the story premise as an idea for a video game (particularly for an RPG) but that is how it started.  I'm sure I mentioned that I thought it would probably wind up as a graphic novel.
However, as the title suggests, the idea has gone full circle and I'm back to planning it out as a game.  It's been brought to my attention that RPG Maker XP and its successors are legally obtainable outside of Japan unlike those that came before it.  While a lot of the computer science buffs will always turn their nose up at people who make independent games with pre-built engines...well, I couldn't care less about their opinion.
The RPG Maker series is a something I'm pretty familiar with and I'm confident I could make a game that was (more or less) truly my own with one of the programs.  I've got several gameplay mechanics figured out and written down; in case you hadn't guessed, the battle system is very similar to the theoretical system I proposed in my criticism of Final Fantasy.
The only problem this presents is that I'll have to rework some character bios.  I hadn't really worked hard on the cast until recently (during the graphic novel approach) so certain things I came up with simply will not work in video game form.
For now, I will leave you with a digital rough sketch of Rick in a kicking pose.

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