Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Arise...Rodimus Prime"

A heads-up to any fellow Transformers-fan toy collectors out there:  Takara is going to be releasing a Masterpiece Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod figure.  It can represent both versions of the character; in robot mode, there's a face swapping feature and an adjustable length for the legs to represent the size difference between the two.  The figure by itself can transform into Hot Rod's sports car mode, looking almost identical to the animation model.  How exactly Rodimus Prime's "space RV" mode is incorporated remains something of a mystery.  The trailer is confirmed as a separate piece as there are photos of it displayed in a battle station mode reminiscent of the old G1 toy.  The front end of the vehicle is the unknown part though; it shares a similar but not identical design to the front end of the sports car, so whether it's contained in the robot or in the trailer is, at this point, unknown.
I had pretty much stopped collecting but this thing is just too beautiful to pass up, high price or not.  Nuts to the naysayers, Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime has been my favourite G1 character for as long as I can remember.

Anyway, enjoy some of the images I've found (I take no credit for these photos, I am just sharing them).
The only inaccuracy I can find with the car is that you can see his wrist decals midway along the side of the vehicle.  There are identical decals at the very back, where they are on the animation model.  The ones in the middle are his actual wrists though, due to some necessitated 'cheats' for the transformation to work.
I've actually got quite a bit more, but you get the idea.

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