Monday, October 11, 2010

Half Time Thoughts

Well, with not much else to talk about yet, let's see what I can say about Super Paper Mario, being about halfway through.

Ultimately, it feels pretty standard.  The experience is run of the mill and a bit less than I was expecting.  The game feels very confined and small-scale most of the time.  For something with such a simple visual execution, I was hoping (and expecting) for there to be a lot more to the worlds you have to traverse, but most of the levels don't really have much to them.  There are some clever puzzles, especially those revolving around the ability to 'flip dimensions' (change from 2D to 3D), and those have been the big saving grace.  The boss battles have proven to be fun as well.
My biggest complaint so far is how dialogue-heavy the game is, especially considering that 1. it's a Mario game and 2. rarely is anything that's being spoken by an NPC actually important (though admittedly this applies more to the time you spend in the town Flipside, than when you're in an actual level).

And that's how I see it at this point.

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