Friday, October 29, 2010

Yarns and Freaks

Well, I was doing homework all night last night but I had a 6-hour-long "nap" earlier so I'm feeling a little better now.  So, let's start this post with some personal news:  My brother purchased both Kirby's Epic Yarn and the new Castlevania game a couple days ago.  We started a co-op run through Kirby and so's good.  I'm actually not finding it to be anything special or spectacular, as the reviews would lead you to believe, just yet but it's still very early on.  I've still got other games to get through too, like Super Paper Mario which I haven't touched in weeks.  On that note, I have beaten every level in Super Scribblenauts now so I guess it'll be time for a review of that soon.
Moving on, here's another animated short I saw at Ottawa that I really enjoyed:

There was a little more to it in Ottawa but this is all I could find on YouTube; it is the bulk of it though.  Like Logorama, it's another thing that's already been around for people to have seen, but I hadn't seen it before and wanted to share what I liked of what I saw at the festival.

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