Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ahh, Breathing Room

I'm having a good day. OK, it's Saturday night and so far I've only left the house to go to Wal-Mart, but I'm still in a good mood. For the first time since the beginning of my third year, I'm caught up enough that I can really relax right now. My projects, in particular my final film, are progressing nicely and I'm just very happy to give my brain a day off.
Now, as for the blog, I suppose it's been a while since my last update (let me check...6 days...ehh, not that bad) but I've been working out some things to do. With 2010 (pronounced 'Twenty Ten' by the way, if you think otherwise then you're wrong) nearing its end, I'm feeling an urge to compile some 'Best of The Year' lists. Top Ten Games of the Year maybe? Though that might not be a great idea since there were a few big names that came out that I had no interest in and thus wouldn't be on the list. Nonetheless, I'm thinking I'll be posting something along those lines.
I've honestly been playing with the idea of setting up an online review show, though a couple things are holding me back from that: 1. The aforementioned state of me not taking any interest in certain big names (Call of Duty, for example) and 2. Online game review shows are no longer sparse; they've gotten pretty numerous and it just feels like there's no more niche to fill. If I do get around to it, it will be an experiment of sorts to see how it goes over.
Perhaps I just need to lay off the Angry Video Game Nerd, Nostalgia Critic, Atop the Fourth Wall, Reviews on the Run, X-Play, IGN and GameTrailers videos.

Well, anyway, those are my thoughts for now. And I'm off to try to locate my DSi charger.

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