Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slow Goings

Well, another weekend comes to a close with another blog post.  This week has entailed little more than homework; fun homework mind you but homework all the same.  My final film for 2D is coming along rather nicely and I'm really enjoying learning how to make a house explode in 3D currently.
Jumping several months back, a long time ago I made a blog post showcasing a few images of the yet-to-be-released Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod) Transformers figure.  Well, the time has come and it's finally been released.  I've had it preordered since August and I couldn't be happier that it will be soon on it's way.  This is something that I'm likely to make some sort of review around...possibly even a video review like many other collectors like to do.
And as for personal life: I'm currently working on a little fanart project.  As anybody who visits this blog is sure to know, I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball Z but I have little in the way of merchandise from the franchise.  One particular thing that bugs me is that I have only one Dragon Ball-relevant poster; the freebie that came with Supersonic Warriors.  That in mind, I began searching online and honestly didn't find much that I cared for.  So I've taken it upon myself to make a nice large groupshot and buy myself a high quality print of it to put on the wall.  Currently, I have 3 characters in a midway-clean stage (I have them inked on paper and have the tones and highlights plotted; I will need to re-clean them digitally).  I was about to start work on the 4th but I've misplaced my red col-erase pencil.
Well, ciao.

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