Saturday, February 12, 2011

Piled On Excitement

Ah, the middle of the weekend.  The time when I can try to relax but be horribly agitated by the persistent thoughts of the amount of work I have to do before Monday.  Nonetheless, I'm becoming more and more excited to take care of said work.  For you see, I spend much of my weekends working on my final film.  It's exciting enough just to make my own short film for the sake of making it/graduating/having demo reel material, but last night something else came up.
Teletoon, a Canadian cartoon television station, is allowing viewers to submit short films to some sort of contest (I haven't totally read up on the details yet, but I know you can submit animated shorts and have them voted on).  The great thing about this is the deadline is well after I'll be finished my film so it's not like I'll be too late to enter.  This is a wonderful opportunity that came at just the right time.  The perfect outlet to get my work out there for anyone to see it.  Hopefully it will even end up on TV at some point.
So that's that.

Now then, a few days ago, I mentioned that I had all of the rough inked drawings for my Dragon Ball Z-related prints ready.  I did get them scanned that day but didn't get around to editing that day's post with them so here they are now:

That's it for the heroes.  In the composed print, Goku will be in the middle, Vegeta and Trunks will be to the left of him (the viewer's left) and Piccolo and Gohan will be to the right, in that order.  So basically, they'll be lined up left-to-right as follows:  Trunks, Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo.
Obviously, they still need to be cleaned up digitally, which I've already started doing for both Gohan and Trunks.  The others will follow when I have time.
Onto the villains.  Since I did the heroes in their base forms, I decided to contrast that by putting the three villains in their final forms (though I guess Frieza is technically in his next-to-final form if you count his 100% powered-up stage as another form).

I think Gohan and Frieza are the ones I'm most happy with.  The plotted highlights might seem like a bit too much but I plant on them having very subtle contrast with the flats.

Well, I think I'm going to end this off with a shameless plug because I recently discovered something damn cool to someone who's a Transformers fan (like myself).  The Complete Transformers Ark.  A book that contains tons of concept art and character design pages from the original series.  I haven't purchased my own copy yet but I plan to soon enough.  If you're interested, there should be a link to buy it on below.

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