Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silver Lining

OK, so let's recap all the oddities that have come and gone with Dragon Ball Kai in the last few months.
1.  The series was canceled with the end of the Cell Games saga.
2.  The original soundtrack for Kai became the subject of a copyright lawsuit and was retroactively replaced with tracks from Dragon Ball Z's soundtrack.
3.  The final episode of Dragon Ball Kai did not air on Japanese television and was removed from the official website's episode list.
4.  The altered soundtrack has already shown up in American broadcasts of Dragon Ball Z Kai.

So now that everyone's up to speed, I'm happy to pass on some good news.  A big concern among those who enjoyed Kai's new soundtrack was that the already-released FUNimation DVD and Blu-ray sets would be recalled and replaced with the altered soundtrack.  The good news is that, to date, FUNimation does not believe that they will have to do that.  So, until further notice, if you want the new Kai soundtrack and haven't picked up any of the sets yet, you don't need to desperately rush out to get them just yet.
But don't dawdle too long; the altered soundtrack showing up in the American broadcast shows that, at least, all future FUNimation releases are likely to use it as opposed to the new Kai soundtrack.  I fear it may only be a matter of time before the earlier releases are forced to be altered.
As for the missing final episode (#98), Toei Animation has confirmed that the episode will be included on the home video release in Japan and thus it should also appear on television in the western world as well as FUNimation's DVD and Blu-ray sets.  As for the episode itself, it will encompass the minor bit of the story in which Future Trunks returns to his own time and defeats the Androids of his future.  Curiously, this was already a single episode in Dragon Ball Z so I wonder how Kai will be trimming it, if at all.

On a related note, 'Part Five' of FUNimation's releases has been delayed, going from June 7th to June 28th.

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