Monday, May 16, 2011

Stuff to Come

Alright, so with the way things are going now, I have lots of things to do and, among them, is some new stuff for my blogs.
First off, as mentioned before, a review for Portal 2 is coming very soon.  I've already organized my thoughts on it so now I just need to write it out in full and probably do a drawing for it.
Additional artwork and animations will be showing up on my other blog of course and, as long as nothing stops me, updates on that blog should be daily from now on.  Of course, I need to make up for lost time due to Blogger going down last week and forcing me to restart said blog.  With that though, I've already gone ahead and restarted it and included my general animation demo reel in the most recent post as of now.
Additional updates on here will consist of the usual fair of gaming and cartoons in general as well as perhaps a few more observations of the May 21st doomsday prediction.

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