Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Holy Biceps Batman!

Let's talk about something that's, appropriately enough, nerdy:  Toys!
Well, I have a toy collection that went from being very modest (2007-2008) to being something I'm having trouble finding space for half the time (2011).  Just when I think I'm done with something, I realize there's something else I want or I feel obligated to get something for some reason.
I had long intended for the Revenge of the Fallen Leader Class Optimus Prime to be the final toy, or at least final Transformer toy, I would ever buy.  Since buying that, I've bought the Leader Class Megatron, the Voyager Class Ironhide, Human Alliance Bumblebee, Battle Blade Bumblebee, War for Cybertron Optimus Prime, FansProject's 'Protector' Upgrade Kit, and Masterpiece Rodimus Prime; and that's just the Transformers that I've bought since then.
Outside of Transformers, I have the S. H. Figuarts Piccolo and Gohan figures, the Real Action Heroes Super Saiyan Goku figure, a 3 3/4" Ironman Mark IV toy, and DC Classics Batman.
Now, aside from a complete lack of indulgence-control, one might wonder why I went so far after being so certain that I'd be done.  Well, in a couple cases, there were toys I specifically got in order to compliment others.  I bought the Revenge of the Fallen Megatron specifically to make a pair with the Optimus Prime.
Lately, I've had a similar goal.  Since I have a Batman figure, I want something to compliment it.
There's some choices in characters:  Robin, Superman, or Joker would make a decent desktop counterpart to the caped crusader.  I'm mostly settled on getting a Robin, but then which Robin?  Well, I've never cared for the legless costume Robin so I decided on the Tim Drake one.
The trouble is, the Tim Drake Robin from the same line as the Batman I have is very hard to find, but I just may have a backup!
With Young Justice running right now, there are of course toys to coincide with the series.  One particular subline is meant to be specifically compatible with the DC Classics figures, and thus I finally have the opportunity to obtain a Tim Drake-styled Robin toy.  And here it is:

Wait a tick...what the hell happened to his arms?
OK, the DC Classics line reuses a lot of individual parts from toy to toy, particularly small sections like the biceps because a lot of superheros tend to have very similar physiques.  Now Robin here looks...well pretty messed up.  Most of the toy has his appearance from the show pretty much nailed, it's just those damned arms.  For a character that's typically depicted as slender and acrobatic, those bulging muscles seem out of place.
Oh well.

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