Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mario Kart 7 First Impressions

So yesterday, I finally picked up a new 3DS game; Mario Kart 7.  Here's an unsorted list of my thoughts on the game so far:
-The computer players are fucking assholes
   -Seriously, this is one of very few games I can think of where human players are actually much easier to win against.
-The tanooki tail power-up is not very useful
-the 7 power-up isn't as much of a game-changer as it sounds.  In practice, it gives you about as much of a boost as a Bullet Bill or Lightning Bolt.
-Graphically, the game's pretty impressive for the 3DS; a slight step down from the Wii version (understandable) though some of the Wii tracks that have been brought into 7 have been updated to look a little prettier in some areas (the cave in Mushroom Gorge is a very noticeable example).
-Speaking of, the imported tracks are not entirely faithful recreations this time around and have various little bits redesigned to compliment certain new elements of gameplay, such as the gliders.
-Character roster is not as fun and diverse as in the Wii game and the inclusion of characters like Wiggler, Lakitu and Honey Queen just makes me scratch my head; who even remembers Honey Queen?  And how can Lakitu race and also hold down the Wrong Way and lap-count signs?  Well, I guess there are multiple Lakitus.
-Metal Mario is one of the last characters unlocked and quite a letdown as a result.  If it was going to be an alteration of a character already one the roster, I would have preferred Dry Bones Bowser.

Well, I guess those are my thoughts so far.  In a way, it feels like a trimmed down experience from Mario Kart Wii which is sort of disappointing as 7 is Wii's successor, but understandable in a way since 7 is limited with being on the 3DS.  I really wish 12-player online was a kept feature but sadly you can only have a maximum of 8 players in Mario Kart 7.  Oh well.

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