Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Up

Well it appears I totally missed making a post last week, so hopefully I can get at least two done for this weekend.
First up, a bit of sad news for Dragon Ball fans.  A short time ago, within the last two weeks I believe, Dragon Ball Kai was confirmed to be ending, not moving past the Cell Games.  This alone is bad enough since it, in my opinion, ruins the point of the show; having a manga-accurate cut of an anime that leaves out an entire manga-canon arc is pretty...stupid.
More recently, on account of the natural disasters in Japan, the airing of the final episode of Kai was pushed back a week.  I can't complain about that, I certainly understand.  Unfortunately, the last episode now will not be aired at all.  Toei Animation's official website for the series no longer lists what was supposed to be the final episode (#98), now stating that episode 97 is the final episode.  Dragon Ball Kai's timeslot has already been filled by a new series.
 And, of course, I've also heard the news of the legal issues with the soundtrack for Dragon Ball Kai.  For those who don't know, a lawsuit was recently filed against Toei on the grounds that the newly composed soundtrack for Kai contained plagiarizing music.  Since then, Toei has been retroactively replacing the music in all the episodes with the original score for Dragon Ball Z.  I am not happy with this.  I do not like the old soundtrack for Dragon Ball Z, it was one of a handful of reasons I couldn't stand to watch the Japanese version of the show.
I mean, I know Toei did it as the responsible course of action and I can't claim any good reason the music shouldn't be removed (other than that it sounds better than what it's being replaced with) but I'm disappointed all the same.

So yeah...I think I might start picking up the blu-rays before FUNimation has the chance to recall them over the music issue.

On a more personal note, I have good news about myself.  School is still going well for the most part, my final film is now totally animated in rough and my other final projects, while still in earlier stages, are a lot of fun so far.
But for what's really been making me happy for the last week; I finally have a definitive direction for the long-standing personal project and I have the entire first arc for the story plotted out.  In fact, I just finished writing the script for the first chapter of the comic yesterday.  On that note:  Yes, I plan on making it a comic.  When the first chapter is finished, I plan on making it available through a friend's website, Skull Kids Productions.
I will be sure to keep my blog updated on that matter.

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