Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time to Retire a Couple Old Friends

Well, looks like it's off to Kijiji with my DS lite and DSi.  Earlier today, I caved and picked up a 3DS.  So looks promising.  I decided against buying any 3DS games just yet so I wouldn't be too distracted from my homework in the coming weeks.  Street Fighter and Monkey Ball top my to-buy list for the launch titles though.
As for my impressions so far:
+Analog circle-pad is great; very responsive and comfortable. The only similar mechanism I've ever used was the circle-pad on the PSP which was garbage and had that horrible texture that felt like rubbing your thumb on a tiny cheese-grater.

+Aforementioned circle-pad works retroactively with DS games. While a lot of DS games don't really benefit too much, there's a few that are definitely more comfortable with it (Mario Kart and Mario 64). Unfortunately, since Mario 64 DS was designed with only a D-pad or awkward touch-screen proxy-analog-pad in mind, it can't detect how far the circle-pad is being pushed. But pressing Y to run is a small price to pay for the added comfort.

+3D effect works perfectly. I haven't seen anything that looks like it comes out of the screen yet, but I've seen plenty of depth (which I honestly prefer, strongly).

+I've rekindled my love for Mii-making.

+Face Raiders is a lot of fun, very simple-minded fun but fun all the same.

-Much like when I see a movie in 3D, I still get this weird feeling in my eyes that feels like my eyes aren't focused even though they are. It tends to go away after a half-hour or so.

-The cameras are terrible. The DSi had pretty crappy cameras but they were still usable in dim lighting. I can't do any of the augmented reality card stuff until tomorrow on account of I'll need daylight for it.

-No alarm. The hell? Why is there no alarm? I've been using my DS's for alarm clocks since I first got one! As unusual as this seems, I really have no alternative. My cell phone is really old and other than that, I have a stopwatch that's way too quiet to wake me up.

So yeah, those are my feelings about the system so far. I'm very excited for some of the upcoming titles, with particular focus on the confirmed Mario, Sonic, Zelda and Bomberman games.
And with that little spiel, I'm out until next week.  Ciao.

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