Friday, August 5, 2011

The Amazing Dark Avenger of Steel Rises in Arkham City

Alright, finally getting back to some nerdy stuff after those last couple rants , I'm sure many people have been keeping up with the buzz around a lot of big name superhero media.  Some significant tidbits have been made known to the general public within just the last week or so.
A slew of on-set photos from The Dark Knight Rises has been unveiled, showing Bane in full-costume, Batman duking it out with several opponents and, just today, we got our first look at Anne Hathaway in a Catwoman-ish costume.
The upcoming Superman movie, titled The Man of Steel, has had some similar buzz lately with a photo of the titular character himself finally shown.  TheAmazingAtheist on YouTube likened the appearance of the new Superman to a 1920's gangster and...honestly, I can't unsee it now.
Of course, we've also been treated with a trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man which I remain cautiously optimistic for.
Spider-Man 3 was bad, no question.  Spider-Man 2, in retrospect, was only marginally better than 3.  Spider-Man (2002), the first of the trilogy, was not only the best of the 3 but is actually a far better movie than I had remembered it being.  Upon recently re-watching the film, I was rather impressed with the scripting.  It's a very concisely written story with nearly everything shown being either setup or payoff.  If The Amazing Spider-Man can pull that caliber of concise writing off while also involving more comic-accurate interpretations of the characters (the wall-crawler himself, especially), I'll be very impressed and very happy.

Back to Batman, we have some news in the video game world.  Batman: Arkham City, a mere few months away from release date, has been shaping up in a rather promising way.  It seems like we've gotten a news overload from this title of the last few weeks.
Catwoman will appear as a playable character, Robin as a playable character will be a preorder bonus from Best Buy, in the UK there are alternate skins for Batman himself you can get as preorder bonuses, Nolan North is playing Penguin, etc. etc. etc.
Robin as a playable character intrigues me, but the preorder skins which are unfortunately, evidently unavailable to Canadians such as myself are what I'm most interested in.  Among the skins to choose from are the Batman Beyond suit, The Dark Knight Returns Batman, 1970's Batman, and even a skin to make Batman look like the Batman The Animated Series design.

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