Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Penn & Teller at Ceasars Windsor

I'm not going to do my analysis of the Big 3's E3 conferences this year.  I only watched Nintendo's and was rather disappointed.
With that out of the way, I MET TELLER!
Penn and Teller are two of my biggest heroes still alive today.  This past Saturday, they played Ceasars Casino in Windsor, Ontario (where I live).  After the show, they were hanging around in the lobby to meet fans.  Unfortunately, when I came to the front of the line, Penn was busy with a group of 4 people and, even after I had finished meeting Teller, they still hadn't left.  When I looked over at the Casino employees, they motioned for me to get moving so I sadly had to settle for not meeting Penn despite being 5 feet away from him.
Still, Teller was very nice, he signed my season one set of Bullshit and I got a picture with him.

I also had a copy of Penn's book, 'God, No!', with me.  I was hoping to get him to sign the book and the DVD set as well.  Oh well.  This just gives me a good reason to be sure that I see them live again some day.

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