Friday, September 28, 2012

Dragon Ball Video Games: A Retrospective: Introduction

So I happened to be browsing eBay for some old game lots and came across an auction for a bundle of Dragon Ball Z Famicom titles.  At first, I was quite tempted.  But then I remembered that all of those games are terrible.  Some good came of that though; it gave me an idea.  For the next few posts, I'll be posting a retrospective of my personal experience with Dragon Ball video games, basically giving a mini-review to every one that I've played.
I actually have it all typed up sans a bit of proofreading already so I'll be breaking it up (as it is way too long for one post) and adding some images and screenshots for the sake of attaining more eye-pleasing formatting.
Beginning with the next post (which I'll probably have up before heading to bed tonight), let the retrospective begin!

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