Friday, June 11, 2010

Back on Track...Hopefully

Alright so there's been a lack of updates this week and I'm hoping to stop slacking off on posting from now on.  We'll see how it works out.  Anyway, for the time being I do have something to show.
Last night I recalled the existence of what is, to put it simply, freeware Photoshop; i.e. GIMP.  I had tried it once before but felt the interface to be really awkward and I've pretty much forgot about it ever since.
Now that I've re-acquired it, I can hardly believe I ever had a problem with it.  It has all of the functionality of Photoshop, making it good for drawing 2D images and composing textures for 3D, and it has some unique features which make it especially awesome.  Of course the best part is it's free!
The tablet functionality beats out Photoshop as well.  Pressure sensitivity is restricted to line width in Photoshop whereas in GIMP you can pick and choose what pressure (as well as other things like velocity) does from a list of functions.  You even have the option of combining these functions.
Anywho, I had been thinking of doing something along these lines to help out some friends with their drawing skills and I finally got around to it early this morning.  Here's a visual guide of quick tips to building your drawings using the human body as the example:

Click to enlarge of course.  My handwriting is really bad but I tried to make it at least legible.
Part 2:

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