Saturday, September 25, 2010

Assorted Update

Well, I have little to cover today.  I'm in the thick of a cold right now and can't really think straight so I'm going to make this brief.  To start, a look at my first bit of Street Fighter fanart that I'm hoping to sell prints of.

The first image is the rough as was scanned directly from the paper.  Pencils & ink guides for tones and highlights, as well as notes for what colours to use.  The next one is the digitally cleaned line version.  And finally the monochrome version that has all the flats, tones and highlights picked out but not coloured just yet.  I'll get around to colouring it soon.

On another note, the art competition on is currently in limbo (as far as I know) seeing as the site has been down for some time.  Unfortunately, this means I won't know if I've won until it's back up, even though the competition was supposed to end yesterday.
And on a related note, my S. H. Figuarts Gohan toy arrived on Tuesday.  So far, I'm loving the thing.

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