Saturday, September 11, 2010

Free Stuff, Huzzah

The beginning of the end of college is here as my first week of third year comes to a close.  It's going to be a damn busy year but it might not be quite as stressful as second year; which was full of "Crap, I'm not sure if this works, I don't know how this will turn out, what am I doing wrong, etc. etc.".  This time around, I'm a lot more clear in what I can do and how to go about it.
In any case, I at least got some fun freebies out of this week.  Yesterday marked the first Animation Club meeting of the year, which meant free pizza and pop (i.e. soda, to be clear to everyone).  An outdated but still very useful book on Maya was up for grabs in our computer lab.  Finally, as it turns out, college students in a relevant course can get a free 13-month license for Maya 2011.
For now, I return to not knowing what to do in a time I had almost forgot existed:  Saturday morning.

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