Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ocarina Updates

Alright, just going to quickly follow up on my review for Ocarina of Time 3D now that I've completed Master Quest and checked out some things.
Master Quest is an interesting endeavour; definitely harder on the whole but the Water Temple is, ironically, much easier than it is in the standard game.  Many of the dungeons don't make use of their entire architecture and save certain, difficult rooms for hiding Gold Skultullas, which is understandable as those tokens are very useful.
I've also tried out the Boss Challenge mode now which is exactly as I thought it would be.  Just like I said in the review, it's nothing revolutionary but still nice to have.  Oddly, it automatically equips you with everything you need to beat the boss but it also gives you an empty bottle.  I haven't been able to figure a reason for this beyond the little easter egg that bottles work to deflect Phantom Ganon's and Ganondorf's magic.
And I've also taken a look at a few of the movies the hint stones have to offer.  They're simple gameplay clips that have a brief but effective approach and they cover many things in the game, including how to find non-mandatory items such as Nayru's Love.

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