Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look At All The Colours!

Hello everybody. Yesterday, Sonic Colours was released in North America. It may leave my Christmas list and end up being something I just buy before-hand. I was just playing the DS demo (the DS version being more consistently well-received than the Wii version) and loved it. It definitely seems like the most solid (official) Sonic game since the original Sonic Rush. I suppose I could put the Wii game on my Christmas list instead then.
Moving on. Kirby's Epic Yarn has thus far honestly been a disappointment. The look of the game manages to be the best and worst thing about it. I constantly get the feeling of "Heh, clever use of yarn....but I'd kinda like to see what it would have looked like in traditional graphics". The gameplay doesn't fair much better. You can pick up the game, have fun for around 40 minutes or so, and then just get really bored of it. Most unfortunate of all is that I actually find playing solo to be more fun than co-op. I never would have thought a Kirby game would manage that; Kirby Super Star is, in my opinion, one of the greatest co-op games ever made.
As for other games, I have played Super Paper Mario a little bit more but it looks like it's still going to be a good while before I finish it.
While typing just now, I started thinking about the 'online review show' I mentioned on Saturday that I was considering making.  If I was to do it, it would probably have to be a strictly DS, or at least handheld, thing.  I play my DS far more than any other system I have access to for a plethora of reasons.  I always have it with me so I can pick it up and play whenever I have even a little bit of free time.  I love the game selection on it and, as such, have more games for it than any other system.  The only real problem I would face would be getting usable gameplay footage.  Ah well, next subject...
Toys.  I did finally acquire the S. H. Figuarts Gohan (quite a while ago actually) and it's just awesome.  So, I may finally do a second toy review as I did gather quite a few photos of Gohan; plenty enough to do a review.  Recently, I also nabbed a DC Universe Greatest Heroes Batman (at The Comic Shoppe in Ottawa) as well as the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime toy.  I'll need more photos of those, but I could be reviewing them in the near future as well.  I mostly haven't done any more toy reviews because they're just less interesting than game reviews (both to write and read) but hey, it's still material for the blog.
Alrighty, I shall now leave you with another bit of Pokémon art I did by request:

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