Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Zelda Day Everyone!

Hey, it's just as legitimate a holiday as the one that's actually on the calendar.

So, tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the The Legend of Zelda video game series.  I have the day off of class and in honour of that (the anniversary that is, not the day off), I will be playing through my favourite game in the series:  Oracle of Ages.
Unfortunately, with my GameBoy Advance refusing to turn on and my GameBoy Color missing its A button (I had a phase where I was obsessed with taking electronic devices was weird) I will have to go the emulation route.  I was hoping to fire up that classic, transparent cartridge, but alas I have no means of using it for the time being.
On the up-side, playing a ROM will give me the opportunity to record the play-through, making it my first step towards one of my personal goals; to have a recorded play-through of all the games I own...that I like (in other words, sans Sonic Unleashed and possibly Prototype).

Back to the task at hand.  I plan on starting at midnight tonight.  I probably won't do it in one sitting since I'll want to sleep not that long after midnight.  In any case, it shouldn't take long.  There's no game I've played through more in my life and I'm well-prepared having finished Oracle of Seasons a week ago (so yes, I will be going for the linked ending where you face Ganon) as well as Ocarina of Time for some filler during the week.

My only remaining plans for that day are to work on my film and do whatever else I feel like doing.  Later.

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