Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Daily Routine

Welcome anonymous people who probably stumbled upon this place for no real reason.
This is my first blog as up until now, I never felt fond of the concept. On the other hand though, it recently occurred to me that I like sharing my personal views on certain media; at least 80% of said media is video games. So I'm going to try to make it a daily routine (don't be surprised if the 'daily' part of that slips away quickly) to update this blog with quick reviews of games, movies, and some other stuff (perhaps some toy reviews, but beyond Transformers, I don't have many).
I may also put up some stories about my animation program. It's a fun course and I'm certain there are people out there who aren't yet in college and would like to know about it.
There probably won't be anything else up tonight as I have to get working on an assignment soon. Thanks for wasting your time reading this.

Quick Edit: Decided to add a quick personal touch by replacing my Batman display image with a cartoon version of myself. Note that the character's apparent height is ironic as I am 6'4".

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