Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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I've suddenly found myself in very deep with things.  Homework is part of it but, thankfully, it's not a large part this time!  Instead, I'm buried with games.
As I already announced in my last post, I now own both Pokémon Soul Silver and Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.  Just today, I found myself getting yet another game regardless that I have yet to finish either of the other two.  Today I purchased Red Steel 2, and with confidence having seen GameTrailers review of it.
So far, I have 5 badges in Soul Silver, putting me about half way through the Johto League; which puts me, I guess, just under a third of the way through the game.  In Ace Attorney, I am very close to the end, so that will likely be the first of the three games I finish.
As for Red Steel 2, I've only played the first hour of the game.  Not being able to say much of the game as a whole, I'll give a quick slant on what little I've experienced.  The controls are good, which alone is a vast improvement over the first title.  The game's difficulty is a bit concerning so far.  I'm playing on the medium level (there being Easy, Medium and Ninja-level difficulties; Ninja of course game me a laugh) and I seem to only be encountering very easy endeavours.  If the jump between Medium and Hard (Ninja) is as big as it was in No More Heroes 2, then maybe there's hope I'll get to play a more satisfying experience when I come to that.
Something that I liked about Red Steel 2 right from the first teaser trailer was the appearance.  The rendering, the art-direction, the bright colours and very slick look pretty much come right from Wind Waker, which is a good thing.  Obviously the characters don't take on the toon-proportioning of Wind Waker's cast, it still manages to look very awesome.  The textures are incredibly crisp and clean, done in a way that meshes perfectly with the cell-shading.  The cell-shading itself is beautifully vivid, with nice thick colours and the perfect contrast for the shade tones.  The only gripe I have so far is every environment looks incredibly similar to the point that I'm having déja vu at only 60 minutes in.

I do plan on reviewing each title as I finish them, but for now, I haven't finished any and will hold off on any thorough opinions.
Hmm...I just remembered about Mega Man 10 as I was typing...I remain having not conquered the Wily Stages, though not for lack of trying.  I fear this one may fade into the background as I play the other 3.  Still, I'll do what I can to make sure I see to the end of it soon enough.

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