Monday, March 1, 2010

...and Even More Ramblings

Well, I have given up actively searching for Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, on the grounds that it's either sold out at every major retailer in my immediate area...or it's invisible.  Either way, it's too much of a headache to try to find.  For the time being, it will be a buy on sight if I happen to find it during an unrelated trip, but no more trips specifically to look for it.
The universal hype/excitement around the Olympics has irked me a little more than previous years.  I don't care about nation-based pride at all and I'm mostly indifferent to televised sports.  Usually, this means I just don't pay attention to the Olympics but it's been very hard this year being in Canada and all.  I found myself watching (ish) the final hockey game on the weekend with a friend and am still perplexed at the use of the term 'national hero'.  It's an accomplishment, sure, a big one too.  But I don't see what about winning that game made Crosby a national hero.  I mean, beyond bragging rights (and a medal), what does that really give the nation?  It's not like it advances our quality of living; something that, if a single person did accomplish, would most definitely be worthy of the term 'national hero'.  I know it's just rambling but, hey, look at the title of the post.  My point (I guess) is that a 'national hero' would be someone who did something heroic that thoroughly benefited the nation.  Winning that gold medal benefits the nation as far as the benefit of having that gold medal is worth.  Which is a lot in terms of pride for some people, but:
"Circumstances of birth should not be a source of pride" - Penn Jilette, George Carlin, etc.
I am happy to be a Canadian but not proud.  Being proud of something you had no sentient hand in accomplishing can lead to a dangerously large ego (i.e. bragging about something that you didn't have to do anything for).  I save my pride for accomplishments I set out for and consciously make.
Admittedly this is probably way more thought to the comment than the announcer himself (I don't know his name) probably gave to it.  I'm not trying to call him stupid as it was likely just something said on the spot to give impact and interest...but sometimes I get severe bouts of OCD and get carried away in my thoughts.

Ehh...I should be doing homework right now.  See ya.

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