Friday, May 14, 2010

The Red on the Steel has Finally Dried

So I finally completed Red Steel 2 earlier 'today'.  I don't have the time to review it for the time being but expect to see a review within the next few days.
Also, since I think everyone should know this:  Portal is currently free through Steam and will continue to be free until May 24th.  The DSiWare title Photo Dojo is also free until June 1st.
Portal is a pretty incredible experience though I doubt anyone needs to be told that by now.  As for Photo Dojo, I just downloaded it and haven't tried it out yet.  The concept is cool though; it's a fighting game where you build the characters yourself by taking photos of people or items in the poses you need.  I plan to make use of my toy collection to build some of the characters.
Erik out.

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