Thursday, August 5, 2010

Additional Self Promotion

So, in the confirmation of my long suspecting that I would love to be a voice actor, I was cast earlier today as Optimus Prime in another Transformers fan series.  Though in that case, it's just a one episode thing.  The guy's doing an 'original' fan story centered around his own created characters.  I didn't put 'original' in quotes to be derogatory, just to note that it's still a series based on a licensed franchise and is thus original only to an extent.  Anyway, I definitely respect the idea as it's one I would really like to see the official franchise try out.  The same names and almost identical personalities for so many myriad series has gotten pretty tiring.
And, for the ultimate in self-appreciation:
Well, what did you really expect from a person who consistently adds 'The Awesome' to the end of his name?

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