Friday, October 8, 2010

Not out of it yet.

Hey all, been a little while.  I've still been really busy with school and haven't had really any time at all for games.  I'm about halfway through Super Paper Mario so that might see an Outdated Review in the near future.  Hopefully the long weekend (I'm Canadian, so I have Thanksgiving this weekend) will produce some material to post.
A brief moment for something else:  About 2 hours ago, my cat (Jets) was accidentally run over by my neighbour.  He was very old (for a cat, 16) and was almost blind; he was sleeping in their driveway.  Obviously, he died from it and I'm probably going to have a worse time with this than the rest of my family.  I'm definitely gonna miss the little guy.
Thankfully I wasn't too shaken up.  He was bound to pass away soon enough anyway.  Plus I've already dealt with much worse this year when a friend I had known since grade 5 died.  I have no regrets of how I treated Jets, or Ben (my friend) for that matter, while they were alive, and properly treating those you love while they are alive is what really counts.

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