Monday, July 19, 2010

Buncha Sketches

So, sketches I've done that I've been meaning to post have accumulated quite quickly.  That said, he's a bunch of sketches.

Caricatures of two of my favourite celebrities, Penn & Teller.  They're not to scale...or rather, the scale's been greatly exaggerated.

More of Nelia, this just being an 'expression sheet'.

Same thing for Rick.  Simpler personality, less expressions.

A new design that friends seem to be fond of.  This is my first finished design for one of my project's villains, Baram.

A close look at Baram's head.

And Baram posed.

Squarbo, my pot shot at Square Enix's character designs.

And to finish off, the earliest concept I finished for this project (so it likely will look very little like the final design), a clean sketch of the central protagonist Aluxes.  I plan on waiting until I get the other main characters designed before I tackle finalizing the main character, to ensure he looks 'right' with the rest of the cast.

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