Monday, July 12, 2010

Transformers: Robots...In the Home

Well, I caved.  I mentioned that I had become disillusioned with War for Cybertron on the 360, but I've now purchased it anyway (in agreement that my brother would pay for half of it).
I was a little surprised by the campaign.  Yeah, the campaign as a whole is short for being the total single-player experience of a game.  However, the individual chapters are freaking long for single levels.  I only played one chapter the day I bought the game.
Anywho, I haven't gone online yet but I'll be sure to get around to it.  Escalation sounds like it'll be fun.
As for other games, I beat Mega Man 10 on Easy mode so I'm not sure I'll review it based on that.  I beat War for Cybertron Autobots (the DS game) so I may get around to reviewing that.  I also recently played through Bowser's Inside Story.
But for a really quick opinion on each:
Mega Man 10 - It's Mega Man.  'Nough said.
Autobots - Good.  Not great.
Bowser's Inside Story - Great.

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