Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Major Setback

Well, if you happen to have read the most recent post on my art blog today, you may remember the bit about my Cintiq tablet acting strangely.  Unfortunately, it's worse than I thought.  My laptop no longer recognizes the 'tablet' aspect of it at all, leaving it nothing more than an extra screen with buttons, touch strips and a pen that do nothing.
Of course, I'm going to contact Wacom and see what can be done about getting it repaired or replaced and hope that, in the long run, it won't be too costly.  I've tried every potential solution I've seen recommended to individuals with similar problems to no avail.
As I sit here and type this, my frustration is building at quite an incredible rate because this really could not have happened at a worse time.  This is going to set back everything I've been working on and planning to work on for the last several months and may even cost me some job opportunities as a result.  And of course, I really can't afford to buy another one at this point in my life.  Every penny I have right now needs to be held onto for the sake of paying back my student debt.

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