Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pre-emptive Back-Peddling

So, we've all heard about the May 21st "apocalypse" by now and, of course, we all know those who believe it are going to do some serious back-peddling when it doesn't come to pass to try (in vain) to make it look like that they were right to think the end is near but their 'calculations' were just a little off....or something like that.
Amusingly, I've seen a few accounts saying that May 21st is merely the 'beginning of the end'.  Oddly, not all of Camping's followers, nor Camping himself, seem to agree with this.  Anyway, these other people say that the world will actually, finally end sometime in October, with May 21st marking a massive earthquake.

So, a religious prediction that won't come true has spawned multiple other predictions that won't come true.  I have to say this is...pretty much run of the mill stuff when it comes to religion.

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