Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boredom = Drawing

Well, here's some new artwork.  First off, I finally finalized the design for the main character on my personal project (tentatively titled 'The Tenna Legacy'; the meaning of the title is a bit of a long story and chances are it will change in the long run anyway):

I drew this with two semi-orthographic views with the idea in mind that I would use the drawings to make a 3D model.  I don't know how that will turn out as symmetry is impossible to eye, which I attempted here.  Additionally, the image will need to be rotated a bit as it would appear I didn't have it properly aligned on my scanner.  Well, moving on.

Additional concept art for the character.  As you can see, the details were simplified overtime; mostly the pants.

And a colour scheme test (using a semi-final version of the design).

Moving on to the products of simple-minded boredom:  Dragon Ball Z Mugshots!

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