Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Haul Is In

Merry Hanukkah, Crazy Christmas, Happy Kwanza and all that.

With another Christmas comes another handful of games.  And with a handful of games, a handful of reviews is imminent.  Of course I haven't beaten anything yet but lets go over what I got and my impressions so far:
-Donkey Kong Country Returns - 3 levels in, playing co-op with my brother, and I can already say this is much better than Kirby's Epic Yarn.  Difficult, fun as hell, moments for great laughs, pretty much no complaints as of yet.
-Sonic Colors (Wii) - Well, right now I think the DS game is the superior version of the title.  However, with what I've played of the Wii game, I'm calling this the best 3D Sonic title to date.  The issues have been dealt with on a large scale leaving only some minor problems; the movement can feel a little clunky, particularly starting to run from a stopped position, and jumping (while handled infinitely better than previous 3D Sonics) could still use some tweaking.  Those aside, it's fun, it's pretty and, unlike Sonic Unleashed, I should actually be able to stomach this game through until the end.
-Goldeneye 007 (Wii) - Haven't played it yet
-Racket Sports (Wii) - Haven't played this either.  I'm not even sure that's the title.  I didn't ask for it, but it was an extra little treat.
-Beauty and The Beast (blu-ray) - Considering the nature of Disney releases, I was worried this wouldn't be around long enough to get as a Christmas present.  Thankfully I was wrong.  The movie itself I've seen before so I really just have the blu-ray package itself to give first impressions on.  The special features I've watched (i.e. all except the audio commentary) have been really good; entertaining and informative.
-Scott Pilgrim VS. The World (blu-ray) - Well, I have seen the movie but I never gave my opinion on it on here.  To make it short:  I liked it enough to put it on my Christmas list.  As for the extras, I have not watched them yet.
-Monopoly Canada - Another gift I didn't ask for but is still pretty neat.  The player figures make no sense; an airplane, a cheeseburger, a cell phone, a dragster, and something else.  My hometown (Chatham Kent) is the most expensive property on the board, outranking Ottawa and Toronto despite being a much smaller city (you can thank the power of facebook for that; the properties were decided by vote).

I believe that was my haul, aside from some pants and socks.  My brother got Epic Mickey (Wii) from me and Dragon Quest IX (DS) from our parents.
So all in all:  Lots of stuff to play.  Better get to it.  Ciao.

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