Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fur. Fur Everywhere!

Well, after an intense week of schoolwork; one particular assignment I had to redo twice thanks to technical issues; I've found a moment to relax, so I can whip up a quick blog post now.
So, as for news on...well, my life:  I got a new cat and named him Max.  He's been living with us for a little over 6 days now and has gotten really comfortable.  He also sheds like crazy.  I haven't had my shirt remain uncovered in fur since we got him.
I named him for the lead character in a book I no longer remember the title of.  It was about a cat that got lost and had to go through multiple homes, gaining a different name each time.  The home that he found his happy ending in called him Max; because he had extra toes ("maximum number of toes").  Incidentally, the orange tabby sitting beside me also has extra toes.  I tried looking on Google to see if I could find what the book was called but the results didn't sound at all like the book I had read.
Well, anyway, my semester is nearing an end (2 weeks) and with that, I'll be getting back to playing games some more once it's all wound down; and of course more reviews will result from that.  In addition, I'll likely be posting some of the animations I've worked on this semester (most notably the animatic for my final 2D film) as well.

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