Thursday, December 30, 2010

Late Art

So it would seem I must apologize for my lack of posts in the last couple of days as I said I would put some art up 2 days ago.  Unfortunately, I ended up being a bit sick and unwilling to do much of anything, but I'm feeling much better now.  With that said, here's a sample of one of my rare instances of landscape artwork:

Those familiar with my older posts will probably realize I've drawn this same scene before as a very rough digital sketch.  I said at the time that I wanted to make it a full digital painting and still would like to, though I haven't gotten to it yet.  I decided to totally redraw it from scratch here though for the sake of getting better details and line-work.

...I can't help but notice that it all seems a bit tilted even though I adjusted my sketchbook many times to be certain it lined up with the scanner.  Oh well.
I'm working on some similar type of art that I'll post here when it's done as well.

As for New Year's, well the end of 2010 jumped up extremely fast to me.  I'm planning to do a Personal Best of 2010 Movies and Games and I've been working out my lists for it, but since Christmas dumped some new gems on me, I'm going to need to rework them.  In any case, if I don't get it up tomorrow, it shouldn't be long after that I do.

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