Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the School Year

Well, one week to Christmas and my fifth semester just ended yesterday.  I have a good chunk of time off for the holidays this year (about 3 weeks) which means plenty of time to draw, animate, model and, of course, post on here.
I've been getting some more character designs done so I'll be posting those and I'll be making 3D models of them as well, which I will also likely put up here.  For right now, I don't really have anything new to show (I do have my leica reel for my final film but I'd rather hold off on posting that until the film is done) so here's some tidbits that I've come across lately:
-The Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden series of video games that started with 3 games on the SNES and had left off with Final Bout on the PlayStation is to be continued this coming February with Dragon Ball Kai Ultimate Butouden on the Nintendo DS.
-FansProject (third party toy designer that often makes add-on kits for Transformers) recently released their Protector set; an add-on kit for the Classics Rodimus (Hot Rod) toy that allows it to take on the appearance of a modernized version of Rodimus Prime in both vehicle and robot modes.  Additionally, they've also released a Targetmaster (transforming gun) for the toy.

I plan on ordering prints of some of the 3D models I make over the break, with particular attention to the main character for my final film.
Looks like that's all I have to say for now.  Later.

EDIT:  Just for some extra content to the post, here are some images of the Protector set in use that I've gathered:
I don't own the kit (...yet) so I take no credit for these images.

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